What do these personality have to say about us
Founder of Al Falah School, Aurangabad, a franchisee of Al Mu'minah Group of Schools Mumbai    Founder of Shimoga School, Karnataka speaking at Al-Mu'minah School Mumbai

Director of Al Huda School, Dr Sameer Ali, speaking at Al-Mu'minah School Mumbai

  Dr. Rauf Sattar Pathan, Principal of Aishabai College of Education Mumbai,  speaking at the 14th Annual function (2014) of Al-Mu'minah School, Mumbai.
Mr. Simmons, Consul General, Consulate America in Mumbai,  (5th Annual Day Function)
Mr. Chore, Assistant Municipal Commissioner, Mumbai addressing students of Al-Mu'minah School on Republic Day.
Mr. Ali Qureshi, Vice- President, American Federation of Muslim of Indian Origin